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The book provides the Five Keys to Business Success and knowledge to help grow your business, think bigger, and expect more.

In this new book, Dr. Bee Thomas, renowned for her published studies on the success factors of African American female entrepreneurs, serves as the reader’s private business instructor – teaching her proven methods for business success. Holding a Doctoral degree in Business Administration, Dr. Thomas is an Air Force veteran, former federal police officer and college professor who started her first company in 2007.


Expect F*cking More:

The Five Keys to Business Success for African American Women

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The Tools necessary for Business Success, go from employee to Successful Business Owner.
How to develop a business with what is accessible and on-hand.
Resources to increase financial literacy, networking, mindset, and so much more!

YOU have the POWER to…

  • Believe that you can change your destiny 
  • Change your mindset and uncover your purpose 
  • Define your success, on YOUR TERMS 
  • Build a business that aligns with your PASSIONS
  • ​Face business finances head-on and tackle relevant business money matters with confidence
  • ​Make the leap from employee to SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER
…by following my proven, the Five Keys to Business Success. 

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The Book has been featured on:

FOX News

FOX News

Wickedly Smart Women Podcast

Wickedly Smart Women Podcast

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No more working to make someone else’s dream a success. No more sitting on the sidelines as an employee, when what you really want to do is get in the game and launch your own successful business.

There is no better time to arm yourself with the knowledge, skills, and tools that will lead to your future. 

I’m excited to get started, see you on the inside. 

Love & Light, 

Dr. Bee

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